NEW RELEASE DAY! My career retrospective record is released today on all platforms and I could not be more chuffed. Go stream it my darlings. Play it loud. Play it proud!❤️ ⬇️
Fifteen years ago, in February 2007 I was in London recording what would become my first solo record. Little did I
know that 15 years later I would be releasing a 23-track double album documenting my musical career to date.
The collection spans all my 4 solo records of original material, excluding my 5th, 2020’s The “Way Old Friends Do” covers album which was a project all of its own.
This is not the greatest hits record. I am yet to have even one of what could be considered a hit, having spent my career so far on the fringes of the music industry. It is a compilation made up of what I consider to be the best bits of my output as a songwriter so far.
Fame and fortune may have eluded me, but inspiration, travel, adventure, friendship, and love have not. Who needs fame and fortune when these are the riches you behold?
The desire to create, and connect with others through music and storytelling has never left me. The desire to find truth, beauty, and meaning through singing my songs and telling my stories is as strong today as it ever was. The gratitude I feel to be able to see the world through an artist’s eyes is unwavering.
15 years in, I am still that kid with a desire to take the road less traveled, to move people, to touch their souls by bearing just a little of my own. Still with the burning need to find redemption under the spotlight of a stage in the throes of song, and to live a life less ordinary.
15 years in, I am only just beginning.
“Before The Half Light – Selected Works” is released 8th April 2022 on all platforms worldwide.

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